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Philippian Love

What is “Philippian Love?” Has anyone ever challenged you to love like a Philippian? The Apostle Paul visited the Christians at Philippi, which was initially a Roman outpost. Paul was imprisoned there and yet he wrote about how God used His imprisonment to encourage the brethren to preach even more boldly. Paul spoke with such apostolic love and longing for the Christians at Philippi. But why would anyone be encouraged to preach even more boldly seeing what the result ended up being in the life of Paul. He was imprisoned, in chains, chained on both sides most likely by the most elite of Roman Palace Guards. So what gives? Well my friend those who were encouraged to preach even more boldly were witnessing the power of the Good News and they were seeing that it worked in prison and out of prison, in the temple and out on the street. This is why they were so encouraged to speak all the more boldly – they were seeing the Gospel work in even the hardest of places. The entire Roman Palace Guard cadre was coming to hear the Gospel and many were coming to Christ through “Philippian Love.” Find out more about “Philippian Love” today…

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