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CrownLife Nights

CrownLife Nights are hosted by CrownLife Ministries in the homes of mature and loving local Christian people who are seeking to live faithfully in these last days. Our gatherings are inclusive of local adult Christians, who gather to worship and praise God, to learn and be encouraged and to encourage others to continue living faithfully in these last days.

The foundational scriptures for CrownLife Nights are:

They strengthened the disciples in these cities and encouraged the disciples to remain faithful. Paul and Barnabas told them, “We must suffer a lot to enter the kingdom of God.”
“O God, thou hast taught me from my youth and until now; I shall manifest thy wondrous works.” Psalm 71:17
At CrownLife Nights we concentrate on ministering to adults of all age ranges. Parents who have non adult children should treat CrownLife Nights like a parent’s night out, by obtaining a sitter to care for their non adult children. Be prepared to gather with other Christians in your community who have the same goal of “living faithfully” regardless of the local church that they attend.
CrownLife Ministries is not setting out to plant a church, nor to usurp members from any local church, but rather CrownLife Nights are an outreach of CrownLife Ministries focusing on the strengthening of faithfulness among the community of Christians in the local context. The Holy Spirit recently whispered to Pastor Jedidiah, “In these last days and in the times to come — Christians need to be connected locally, within their own communities.”
At CrownLife Nights we will seek to “build community,” “Strengthen faith,” and “encourage faithfulness” among Christians within the local community. Some of your most treasured friendships, relationships and connections will come supernaturally through your participation in CrownLife Nights. At each CrownLife Nights event we will provide and opportunity for participants to willingly sow into the global ministry work of CrownLife Ministries and to consider “Partnering For Life” with Pastor Jedidiah and family as they walk out God’s amazing calling on their lives.

We are excited to bring “CrownLife Nights” to the White County, Georgia region as we kick off 2018 seeking “The Person of Peace” that God has prepared.  We expect CrownLife Nights to go global soon. We ask for your prayers and your participation in CrownLife Nights in your community as we expand locally, regionally, nationally and internationally among communities of Christians.

Use our contact form if you are a mature couple who God has blessed with an ample inviting home that is well suitable for hosting CrownLife Nights in the Cleveland, Georgia area. We will follow up with you as we are seeking “The Person of Peace “that God has prepared to launch this effort very early in 2018. If you are a Christian young adult, or a faithfully married Christian husband and wife who would like to participate in CrownLife Nights feel free to use our Contact Form to let us know about you. We will be developing an internal system on our CrownLife Ministry website to engage with those who become part of CrownLife Nights.